The ink is dry, and the reviews are in! 

Marketing Communications

“The best decision we made in the last 45 days was hiring you.” – Founder, research and publishing firm

"Unbelievable. You hit the nail on the head. I've never sounded so good!" – President, business training company

“Thank you for all your help. It’s been great having you on board helping us to present an image of a business that matches the quality of the work that we do.” – Co-Founder, interactive simulation design firm  

“You made me look sooooooo good…Wow! I can’t thank you enough for your lightning fast turnaround. What was a simple little task to create a supportive training tool has morphed into something we are going to use in broader marketing campaigns because your design was so good.” – VP of Marketing, Training and Facilitation Company

“As a new business on the block, we want you to know how much we appreciate your overwhelming support in establishing our logo and branding. Your creative input was priceless! We look forward to working together in the future.” – Owner, home energy savings products company 

“Thanks for your work on our brochure. We’re making much swifter and better progress with your help and input than we did on our own.” – Sales Operations Manager, international training and consulting firm

“You are super woman!! And our company’s dream come true!” – Product Development Manager, global research and assessment firm

“I think you did a wonderful job on taking this email to the next level. I really like the tone and style, and I am impressed with how you are describing our services and offerings.” – Marketing Manager, training and development firm

“Our leadership team is excited about the value you’re adding and the ease of working with you.” – Global Project Manager, international consulting, training and research firm

“You were able to capture the essence of what we do in a concise and attractive manner. I was impressed with the ease with which you grasped our ideas. It was a pleasure to work with you.” – Executive Director, nonprofit educational services organization

Ghostwriting and Editing

“I just want to express my high degree of satisfaction with this article! Thanks for making this happen for us and shepherding the article from concept to final form.” – Vice President and Partner, management consulting firm specializing in leadership and talent issues

Sales Support for Retainer Clients

“Thank you for all the work you did and in such quick time. I just love working with you. I told [the VP of Sales] what a great job you are doing, the miracles you do with your writing, and how important it is to me to have you as a resource/partner in working on marketing for my clients.” – Client Relationship Manager, training and research firm

Public Relations and Press Inquiries

“Thank you so much for your help with this article! Setting me up with [the expert] and the background information you sent made a huge difference.” – Reporter, Baltimore Sun

Event Planning and Management

Marla Lepore received the following commendation while working for a national training company: 

“You did an outstanding job in orchestrating an extraordinary conference! Everyone I spoke with was extremely impressed and had only great things to say about it! As a consultant, I have held public seminars and chaired events, but nothing on this level. I can’t even imagine the magnitude of planning that went into the seamless execution of every single detail—the theme; the best caliber speaker program and fabulous venue; the welcome reception; the lively awards dinner and entertainment; the wonderful tote, book, and even fun goody bags in our guest rooms! Absolutely outstanding Marla.” – HR Consultant and Trainer